JBS Products: Freshman Crystallization Kits

JBS Crystallization Freshman Kit – Junior

For newcomers in the field of protein crystallography: Set up your first 4 crystallization plates using our JBScreen JCSG++ reagents and see if you have beginner’s luck on the way to well diffracting protein crystals.

JBS Crystallization Freshman Kit – Scholar

The JBS Crystallization Freshman Kit – Scholar is the extended version of our JBS Crystallization Freshman Kit – Junior. Our unique JBScreen Classic reagents and 40 pregreased crystallization plates allow a rather extensive screening of one or more proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or macromolecular complexes in order to grow single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction analysis.

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Product Information

JBS Crystallization Freshman Kit – Junior contains the required material to crystallize your protein under investigation using the “Hanging Drop Method”:
• four 24-well crystallization plates
• 100 thick siliconized cover slides
• 1ml each of 96 unique JBScreen JCSG++ screening reagents
• a detailed User Guide